“The Word”: Bonus Q&A about The Duchess Inheritance

Inheritence_Ebook_500x750I was recently featured for another awesome interview by my pal, Jake, on his podcast, “The Word”. You can listen on Soundcloud, here: https://soundcloud.com/jakob-musick/the-word-ck-brooke-ii-the-duchess-inheritance/s-Ec5Z3. In the interest of time, there were a few questions he wanted to ask, but which we didn’t get to. So, I opted to answer them here on my blog. They are pretty much spoiler-free. Enjoy!

Q: When Selu talks about omens or signs in Chapter 57, Bos chides her for her belief in “Lunology”. What is that and why does he oppose this?
A: “Lunology” is like Halvea’s version of astrology. Except, instead of determining one’s fate by the stars, one’s fate is supposedly determined by the moon and its phases at the time of one’s birth. As I speak a lot about in the audio interview, Bos is a very devout and religious man. Just like how many traditional Judeo-Christian practitioners oppose astrology as an insult and offense to God, so lunology is perceived in this manner by those of the Halvean cult of the Eternal God, in my books.

Q: In Chapter 58, it is revealed that New Republic [leader] Marten Hoste believes that the New Republic’s first leader led “a reign of terror”. Talk more about this and the role of ‘terror’ in the New Republic.
A: By ‘reign of terror,’ I pretty much meant exactly that – just like what happened during France’s Reign of Terror during the French Revolution. Anyone with even the remotest royalist ties or sympathies was imprisoned or brutally, and often unjustly, put to death. When Jothann von Sparx led Jordinia, he and his supporters terrorized the citizens until they were too afraid to say anything against their new government, or to be caught appreciating any aspect, no matter how tiny, about the royal family – even after their execution.

To learn more about the Reign of Terror, I strongly recommend Michelle Moran’s historical fiction novel, Madame Tussaud: A Novel of the French Revolution, a book I read about six months prior to writing The Duchess Inheritance, which very much educated and inspired me upon writing these aspects of the story.

Q: We also learn in Chapter 58 that it was von Sparx’s goal to invade other nations around Jordinia. What do you believe would have happened in West Halvea politically, had the main characters not intervened?
A: I’m not sure. I can’t see them fully having succeeded… not as they would’ve liked to, anyhow. Some kingdom might’ve eventually risen up and stopped them, and Halvea might’ve all gone to war. But the main characters were really the rightful people to assume the roles they did and reclaim the land that truly belonged to them.

Q: And lastly… Why are you such a sadistic @&#! ?
A: I understand many are upset about my treatment of a certain character in the second-half of this book. Yet, remember, this is the same character you all wanted to punch in the face, throw into a volcano, and stab to death in Book 1. And we learn even more awful things about them in Book 2. So, I am admittedly a little surprised y’all were so up-in-arms when they finally got what was coming to them.

At the same time though, as the author, I understand your love… I love that character, too. But justice needed to be exacted. As well, sometimes a person needs to learn true humility, weakness, ugliness and total dependency to finally understand what unconditional love really means…and as such, to thoroughly transform. I loved this character too much not to finish changing their heart completely. And this was the only way to do it.

The Duchess Inheritance (Jordinia: Book 2) is now available in paperback and e-book where books are sold. If you have more questions about the story, please email ckbrooke (at) outlook (dot) com!