The Past-Life Chronicles: Vol. 1 eBook is Here!

The year 2018 is already alive and kickin’ in C.K. Brooke World! This week, I’m celebrating the release of my newest eBook, The Past-Life Chronicles: Volume 1.  This digital book is currently available exclusively in the Kindle Store and is free on Kindle Unlimited. It’s part of a duet with Vol. 2 to come later in 2018 or 2019. Get it here!

My name is Willow Raven Solomon, and I hate cars. I suffer from a phobia no one’s been able to cure. Part of that is because we don’t know the origin of it. My only clue is a chronic nightmare that’s haunted me since I was a child, of an auto accident I was never in.

My Wiccan mom and her friends think it’s past-life related. While I may have been raised by a witch, I don’t know a lot about reincarnation. A cute hypnotherapist is helping me navigate it. But my stepbrother in med school is skeptical. Somehow, he’s part of the puzzle too – they both are.

As I dig deeper, I’m finding more questions I’d never thought to ask. What if my fear originated not with me, but with someone else? What if my nightmare isn’t just a dream?

What if it’s a memory, from another time, another place…another me?

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