September 2016’s Paperback Winners!

duchess-inheritance-print-promoThe following 9 V.I.P. Club Readers WIN a signed paperback copy of The Duchess Inheritance!

1. Nancy B. – “I’d love to win because I loved your book The Duchess Quest.”
2. JK Winter – “…to gift to my bookish niece who’s supporting authors through leaving reviews of their books.”
3. Maureen (“Mo”) – “I get an extreme high when I walk into my library and can immerse myself in a new book.”
4. Allison F. – “I am new to reading your books and when I looked them up on amazon they sound awesome!!!”
5. Meg N. – “I read the first book, and I haven’t yet read the second one, but would really like to.”
6. April Lynn B. – “I absolutely love reading romance. I love your books and can’t wait to read more.”
7. Amanda D. – “I prefer to read paperbacks and I am a big fan!”
8. Chris P. – “The Wrong Prince was great escapism so cannot wait to read more of your books.”
9. Patti G. – “I am a total bookaholic and love books!”

If you see your name matching the answer you sent in – congratulations! You won!! To claim your prize, please email with your shipping address and the name to which you’d like me to address your personalized signature!

Didn’t win this time? Grab the book here: