Resources for Writers

*UPDATE 10/30/2017: I am no longer updating this page, or links on this page. This is a collection of resources I have personally found helpful in the past, but is by no means exhaustive, and may eventually include out-of-date information/broken links. I am not accepting requests to be added to this page, simply because I will no longer be actively curating it. Thank you!

P R E – P U B L I C A T I O N

Word Count
The Definitive Post on Word Count by Writers Digest:

Writing Tips

Publishing Routes (Traditional, Self, Indie, etc.) 

How to Write a Query Letter by AgentQuery:

Where to find an Agent or Publisher:
Poets & Writers

** Click here for a list of Imprints & Publishers Currently Accepting Unagented Submissions **

Other Publisher Options:

  • Kindle Scout: Hold a campaign to see if Amazon will publish your eBook
  • Patchwork Press: Crowd-share publication services (i.e. exchange your skill sets for another’s, no fees), to bring your book to press

Handling Rejection


S E L F – P U B L I S H I N G

Tips & Guidance


Book Formatting & Interior Design

Book Covers & Promo Graphic Design

DIY Self-Publishing & Distribution Platforms
*Below, you will not find links to vanity presses or “self-publishing companies,” as I do not endorse those services and feel they rip authors off. The following are all do-it-yourself platforms to create & distribute your print or eBook.

P O S T – P U B L I C A T I O N / M A R K E T I N G  &  P R O M O 

Author Marketing & Social Media 

Author Web Building

-If using WordPress, try the plug-ins Novelist or MooBerry Book Manager

Stock Photos & DIY Design

Free Online Photo Editing

DIY Swag Printing (Bookmarks, Business Cards, Banners, etc.)

Book Discovery Sites
For maximum downloads, promote your free or $0.99 eBook at the following sites. These are paid promotional spots. Remember to book in advance!

Blog Tour Hosts

Editorial Reviews & Book Awards

Personal Networking

  • Romance Writers of America:
    If you write romance or if there are any romantic elements in your book, the RWA and your local RWA chapter are a great investment. If you live near a local chapter, enjoy monthly meetings with great authors like you; workshops, conferences and conventions with the big names in romance; and exclusive promotional and awards opportunities.
  • Join a Facebook group for author events in your state
    For example, I joined the “Michigan Author Events” Facebook group because I’m a Michigan author. People post all the time about upcoming conventions, book fairs, writer conferences, signings, and other opportunities where I can go and sell my books and meet other local authors and readers.

Have a recommendation? See any broken links? More questions? Let me know!