Promo: The DeCadia Code by Jonathan Yanez & Apryl Baker

TheDeCadiaCode-Final-SmallTitle: The DeCadia Code

Authors: Jonathan Yanez & Apryl Baker

Genre: Steampunk

Book Description:

The world of DeCadia is a shadow of its once magnificent glory. The War that forever tainted the ocean sea has left the surviving nations on the brink of chaos. Steam-powered ships rule the skies, pirates roam free, and the Royal Navy is the only whisper of order against the screams of anarchy.

Valeria knows this brutal reality all too well. Orphaned with only a birthmark on her back to hint at her past, she is left to travel the world alone. Hope comes in an unexpected form, rumors of her Atlantian heritage. Murmurs that tell Valeria her birthmark is more than she could have ever imagined.

Now Valeria finds herself in a dangerous scheme to uncover the truth of her ancestry. Her journey will take her into the unknown, to forbidden islands, and into conflict with the Royal Navy. Allies will be made, enemies discovered, and the truth of Atlantis revealed.



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