July’s Winners!

iHola, V.I.P.s! Thanks for clicking to see the winning answers for July 2016’s V.I.P. eBook Giveaway! Here they are:

C.K.L.: “July is the month of bright sunlight and thunderstorms. The two could not be more different, and even though the muggy weather out here is a constant, it’s a fun change to go from the scorching heat to drenching downpours of rain. That’s my favorite thing about this month. Whether it is raining or an absolutely brilliant day, I like to curl up inside and write (and read). The feeling of summer is in full swing, too, and even though the months of school are approaching, the feeling of freedom and pride keep us happy and content. Marshmallows browning over a campfire while we sit down on our lawn chairs and just take moments to look up at the stars and the sky, going for swims with friends to escape the heat of the day, and sitting by an open window and watching as the the world is soaked with crystal droplets of much-welcomed rain – that’s what makes July so great.”
This is such excellent writing, I had to choose it for the win! Way to go, C.K.L., and keep writing!

Ryan B.: “…it’s my girlfriend’s birth month, she is my soul mate, so I am so happy she was born.”
AWWW!! Couldn’t resist rewarding this one.

Tammie: “…maybe your son’s birthday is in July.”
Ding-ding! She guessed correctly! My son’s birthday is my favorite thing about July.

Tracey: “I’m guessing your favorite thing about July is getting tons of positive reviews for your awesome writing!”
She’s definitely not incorrect! 😀

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