Introducing Elphame Realms E-Zine!

I have a very exciting announcement… my publishing imprint, Elphame Press, is launching an e-zine! That’s right – fantasy writers, I want to publish you! If you’ve got a short story of any fantasy or speculative fiction sub-genre (this includes paranormal, fairy tale, dystopia, magical realism, historical, etc.), I want to read it! For all the details and submission guidelines, please see my Elphame Realms E-Zine page.

Submissions are now open to all writers, published or unpublished. Your story must be clean and free of profanity so as to be suitable for a YA audience (although it doesn’t have to be specifically YA), and length-wise under 15K words, but no less than 9K words (so, about 10,000 words). I’m looking for all fantasy except sci-fi. I’m also interested in reading any fantasy-themed poetry or your 1-2 page article on any aspect of writing fantasy.

Please proceed to for all the info! I look forward to reading your submissions. 🙂