Fool Moon Release Date & Pre-Order!


We have a release date for my upcoming novella, Fool Moon! The e-book will be available in the Amazon Kindle Store this coming Friday, June 19Click here to pre-order now! The cost is only $0.99 and the e-book will be wirelessly delivered to your e-reader or device at midnight on the release date.


What’s it about?
It’s a 91-page teen fantasy/paranormal romance, with elements of adventure and humor. The synopsis can be found here.

Will it be available in print?
It’s being released as a Kindle e-book first. Down the road, in maybe 6-12 months, I will likely release it in print, too.

Can I buy it in the Nook/iBooks stores (or anywhere other than Amazon)?
Not at this time. It is only available as a Kindle e-book from That may change in the future.

I don’t have a Kindle. Can I still read it?
Absolutely! The Kindle Cloud Reader is free for your computer. You can download and read any Kindle book on your computer with it. To get it, click here. In addition, if you have an iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, or any tablet or smartphone device, the Kindle app is free. Simply go into the app store on your device and download the free app. You will need an Amazon account to login. Once you are logged in, it will automatically sync all the e-books you’ve purchased on your account, or they will show up in your Cloud.