Elphame Realms


Elphame Realms is a digital e-zine showcasing short stories and novelettes of fantasy and speculative fiction sub-genres. We are seeking short and novelette-length fantasy stories (under 15k words). We also accept submissions of fantasy-themed poetry or a 1-2 page article (cf. a blog post) on writing fantasy.

Please read the following FAQ and Submission Guidelines carefully before submitting your work to us:


What genre(s) does Elphame Realms publish? 
We are interested in every fantasy and speculative fiction sub-genre, except for gore/dark horror. We are especially interested in lighthearted or romantic fantasy, HEA, and: fairy tale, folklore, myth, royalty, paranormal, urban, sci-fi, magical realism. Content-wise, it must be clean (no gore, erotica, or profanity) so as to be suitable for both YA as well as NA/adult audiences.

What else are you looking for?
Short stories are our priority, but we would also be interested in your:

  • fantasy-themed poetry
  • 1-3 page article on any topic of writing fantasy

Occasionally, we will like to conduct interviews with published fantasy authors as well. Please email the address below to inquire about scheduling an interview.

*We cannot feature any work under exclusive contract with a publisher.

Why submit?
Glad you asked! Here are some of the perks of being featured in our e-zine:

  • Get your name & work out there – break through if you’re new, or reach more readers if you’re already established
  • Get paid up front
  • Add to your portfolio, resume & Amazon Author Central profile. (Looks great as publishing experience in a query letter!)
  • Be in great company with fellow talented fantasy writers
  • Retain 100% of your rights. Even if your work is featured by us, you may still self-publish or post it elsewhere.

How to Submit

**Please ensure your work is as free as possible from typos and grammatical errors before submitting to us.** Email your submission as a single-spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font, Google Doc or Microsoft Word .doc/.docx attachment to: elphamepress@gmail.com. In the body of the email, please introduce yourself and include:

  • type of submission (short story, poem, article, or interview request)
  • fantasy sub-genre(s)
  • title
  • word count
  • publishing experience and author website, if applicable

We do not accept hard copy submissions. Please allow 1-3 weeks for a reply. We’ll respond only to submissions in which we’re interested.

Compensation & Rights
If we’d like to feature your story, poem, or article in our e-zine, we’ll offer $0.25 per 1 single-spaced page (size 12, Times New Roman font, MS Word document) in exchange for One-Time Electronic Rights. This means we’ll publish your story one time, in one issue. We don’t have to be the first, as long as your story isn’t under an exclusive contract with any publisher. We are not owning or buying your work. You will retain 100% of the rights, and may self-publish the work at any time, submit it elsewhere for other One-Time rights usage, print, or share it online (i.e. on your website, Wattpad, etc). You will not earn a royalty off of e-zine sales, but will be compensated at the going rate for your contribution.

*If your story is related to an under-contract series, please ensure whether your publisher has the right of first refusal to all works in the series before submitting to us. 

All stories in our e-zine will be subject to complimentary standard copy editing and formatting prior to publication.

More questions? Write to elphamepress@gmail.com.