Editor’s Review: Love At First Sit by Ysa Arcangel

love-at-first-sit-finalLove At First Sit is a unique little romance novel – clean, cute, and set in the Philippines. I am proud to have been the editor of this book for the talented Filipino author, Ysa Arcangel. Roxanne is a young, single mother of twins whose friend persuades her to try speed-dating at a bar. There, she meets a charming bartender, Aloysius – who goes by “Wish”. It’s clear that Wish is interested in Roxanne, but she’s afraid he wouldn’t want her baggage (even though her twins love him!). Just when Roxanne lets herself begin to fall for her new suitor, her ex walks back into her life with a convincing story as to why he left. He’s ready to be a father to their children. But is Roxanne ready to take him back? And what about everything special that had been developing with Wish?

Set against the vivid backdrop and friendly culture of the Philippines, this sweet, contemporary romance is a heartfelt exploration of forgiveness, trust, and blended families.