How to Save Money on Editing

Editing services can be pricey on your end, as well as tedious and time-consuming on mine. Therefore, I’d like to extend some tips that I urge you to do first, on your own, prior to submitting your work to me or any editor. This will more than likely lower your word count, which will, in turn, lower your fees. Here’s what you can do!

  • Run your spell-check
    Sounds simple, but many authors don’t even run their word processor’s spelling & grammar checker before submitting to me! Doing this yourself also helps you to learn so that you don’t make the same errors in your writing going forward. Their recommendations aren’t always correct, though, so do use your discretion.
  • Self-edit to lower your word count
    Most 90,000+ word manuscripts clients send me end up being around 60K words by the time I’m through with them. It’s not elements of the plot or any characters that I chop; it’s wordiness. Things like redundant sentences, repeating words or ideas, and unneeded action tags in dialogue can all add up, page by page. If you’ve had an editor before, you know what I mean.

    I strongly recommend going through both of the 21-item check lists in the following articles and self-editing your work accordingly, prior to sending to an editor. The tighter your manuscript (as in, less words), the less you pay!