Affordable Editing Services

Selectively open to manuscript submissions.

Because I, too, am an author on a budget, I offer professional freelance copy-editing and content editing rolled into one for less than half the cost of the industry standard, only $0.007 per word. What does that look like?

 One Round:

25K words: $175
(vs. $350 – $625 industry standard)

50K words: $350

(vs. $700 – $1,250 industry standard)

100K words: $700

(vs. $1,400 – $2,500 industry standard)


*Standard industry rates typically fall between an average of $0.014 per word for copy-editing and $0.025/word for content editing.

My clients include Amazon bestselling authors from all over the globe, all of whom have been highly satisfied with my thorough, 360 degree editing services, which cover not only basic grammar, punctuation, typos, and spelling, but also content, inconsistencies, POV, character ARCs, and so much more. *References are available upon request.

Because of my competitive rates, I receive more inquiries than I can service, but am selectively open to editing submissions in all genres, except extreme erotica (romances with a few tasteful erotic scenes are okay). Please thoroughly read the FAQ below before sending your inquiry.

Editing FAQ

How do I inquire?
You may use the contact form or email authorckbrooke [at] gmail [dot] com to send your inquiry. Include the title of your work, exact word count, and genre. If you don’t receive a response within 24 hours, please check your junk folder.

Can you work with my format? 
I only accept manuscript submissions in .doc or .docx format. No matter where you composed your manuscript, you should be able to save the file as a .doc/.docx file. I have successfully edited for clients whose manuscripts were composed in Scrivener and ODT, and who were able to save and send their files as Word docs.

*VERY IMPORTANT: I conduct 100% of my edits through Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature. The capability to use this program and basic proficiency in Track Changes (set to “Show All Mark-Up”) is required to review the changes I make to your document. For screenshots and step-by-step instructions, please consult this article.

If you don’t have access to this feature, and/or don’t require the option to review, accept, or reject my changes before they’re implemented (in other words, if you want me simply to edit your document with no markup, and send you back the clean copy), this can certainly be arranged.

Do you just check for typos, spelling and grammar, or does my book receive a full content edit (plot holes, POV, character development, fact checking)? 
All of the above.

How do you accept payment? 
All payment is processed via PayPal. Typically, a 50% down-payment will be charged when I begin to work on your submitted manuscript, and I’ll bill the remaining 50% upon completion, when I send the edited manuscript back to you. However, you are welcome to pay in full before or after services. **Note: A PayPal fee of no more than $5 may be added to your order.**

What is the turnaround time? 
Average turnaround time is 2-4 weeks. I can make adjustments to accommodate deadlines, if needed; just let me know.

Will you review the same manuscript a second time? 
Yes, for the same fee. My fee covers one round.

 * * How can I save money on editing?? * *
Editing services can be pricey on your end, as well as tedious and time-consuming on mine. Therefore, I’d like to extend some tips that I urge you to do first, on your own, prior to submitting your work to me or any editor. This will more than likely lower your word count, which will, in turn, lower your fees. It will also cut out unnecessary added sweat & tears on my part. Ready? Here’s what you can do!

  • Run your spell-check
    Sounds simple, but many authors don’t even run their word processor’s spelling & grammar checker before submitting to me! Doing this yourself also helps you to learn so that you don’t make the same errors in your writing going forward. Their recommendations aren’t always correct, though, so use your discretion.
  • Install Grammarly and give your MS a run-through – it’s free!
    Grammarly is free self-editing software that you can download safely online at: Their website gives you easy instructions to install it right into your Microsoft Word or other processor, and you can run it for any document. It’s like a spell-check on steroids, catching many more spelling & grammatical errors than a standard spell-check can – as well as explaining why, so you learn along the way.
  • Lower your word count
    Most 90,000+ word manuscripts people send to me end up being around 60-70K words by the time I’m through with them. It’s not elements of the plot or any characters that I chop; it’s mere wordiness. Things like redundant sentences, repeating words or ideas, and unneeded action tags in dialogue can all add up, page by page. If you’ve had an editor before, you know what I mean. So, try to trim as much of the fat on your own as you can. It’s better to have less and elicit a little comment from me asking you to briefly expound with a sentence or clause, than for you to face the equivalent of 120 pages being chopped (oh, yes, it’s happened). Ultimately, you will spend a lot less on an editor by submitting a 60,000-word book than a 90K-word one!

After you complete all of these tasks and have a manuscript that’s as clean as you can personally make it, send it on over. I’ll catch anything you missed, correct anything that was incorrectly corrected (ha), and give your story a full content analysis (including fact-checking, POV, character development, word choice, plot holes, inconsistencies, and so much more!) as I read. 🙂