Blog Tour: Cover Reveal for Mythical (Mystical #2) by Michael Weekly

Here is the brand new cover art for Mythical (Mystical #2) by Michael Weekly!   About the Book: When you’re a witch in a kingdom of Elves, there’s bound to be conflict… Eliza Rose finds herself in a world full of Elves—the very creatures she is sworn to kill. To make matters worse, she is forced to slay her own mother. But one question remains. Why was her mother in such a horrid place to begin with? Eliza and Donovan cannot face the dangers of Ellevil alone… When the Elf, Christian, meets Eliza for the first time, he knows he must have her. As a master of manipulation, he will do anything he can to get his way. Donovan has left his old gang life behind. In his journeys with Eliza, he has seen her talents as an assassin bloom. He wants what is best for her, and he is certain that Christian is anything but. […]

*Official Cover Reveal* for Capturing the Captain

IT’S HERE! Capturing the Captain: American Pirate Romances, Book #1 is coming soon to Limitless Publishing! Feast your eyes on the exciting new cover by Deranged Doctor Designs: SYNOPSIS “Take what you want and give nothing back…but your heart.” In 1720, it’s a pirate’s life for Abigail Clear, daughter of a notorious colonial pirate captain… But when a rival crew invades Abigail’s ship, she is taken prisoner. Now aboard the enemy vessel, she must contend with its formidable captain. But who is the real captive? Locked away in the belly of The Indomitable is no place for a woman… Captain James Morrow is more than displeased to discover his sole captive to be none other than an untamable young lass who will earn him no bounty. Yet if he can soften the little rogue, she just might switch her loyalties to him, and reveal the whereabouts of the infamous thief who […]