On Writing

Some days, it’s easier to be anything but a writer. It’s easier to applaud others’ accomplishments than to put our own stuff out there. It’s safer to read someone else’s work than to painstakingly compose our own, then release it and let it be rejected, criticized, or worst of all, totally ignored. It’s easier just to review someone else’s story than risk someone reviewing our own, and seeing what we didn’t see, and calling us out. It’s more comforting to just hide under a book that’s already successful, to jump on the bandwagon and join thousands of readers, so at least we’ll have something in common to discuss. Because for many writers, the path is lonely and isolated. Few are reading; even fewer reach out to us when they do. Some days, it’s easy to wish we weren’t writers. To wish we had a more marketable talent. To wish we […]

How Many “Master Plots” Have I Written?

I’m looking at a fascinating book for writers called 20 Master Plots: And How to Build Them by Ronald B. Tobias (here’s the link on Amazon). While scrolling through the table of contents, I realized I’ve used some of these themes, and thought it would be fun to list them here on my blog. The ones I haven’t yet used will receive an ‘X’ – which will be my signal to go back and write that plot someday! Ready? Let’s have some fun! Master Plot #1 – Quest Well, that’s easy. It’s in the title of my first book, The Duchess Quest! In a Princess Bride-like yarn (okay, maybe some scenes are less appropriate than The Princess Bride), three outlaws seek a lost duchess and compete for her marriage hand. The first part of the story is the quest to find her…the second part is the quest to win her heart! Master Plot […]