The Emperor’s Daughters

Jordinia: Book 4

Book Cover: The Emperor's Daughters


The new duchesses have a story of their own…

The next generation of Jordinia returns for its grand finale with the emperor’s youngest daughters. Grand Duchess Raphaela has sworn off of men and matrimony, aching for independence beyond familiar Jordinian soil. A mysterious invitation to the faraway Radshaji Palace in Al-Habar seems the perfect opportunity for adventure…if her father will let her go. In contrast, her sister, Benedicta, embraces the prospect of marriage, although she plans to make a positive difference, however small it may be, out in the world before selecting a husband.

The Ducelle sisters part ways for separate journeys, Raphaela to the desert and Benedicta to the shores of Heppestoni, where each discovers more than she was expecting. Despite her convictions, Raphaela becomes enchanted by the widowed sultan as they unravel a conspiracy against him. Meanwhile, Benedicta longs to win the humble heart of the laborer who mentors her, even as she knows their two worlds may never merge. Will either sister find her happily ever after?

Explore a romantic and lighthearted journey into imaginative fantasy lands in this final and utterly satisfying volume of C.K. Brooke's beloved Jordinia series.