The Duchess’s Descendants

Jordinia: Book 3

Book Cover: The Duchess's Descendants

The next generation. A new adventure...

Over three decades have passed since the Ducelle Empire reclaimed the land, and Jordinia has never prospered more. When the emperor negotiates a treaty among neighboring nations, Jordinia is awarded an archipelago of islands in the north. With intentions to colonize, His Majesty enlists his two underachieving nephews on an expedition to chart the wilderness.

Reclusive Ludwig has his violin and no desire to travel, while his charismatic brother, Drew, is seduced by the grandeur of making history...and money. Desperate to flee a secret scandal of her own, their sister, Johanna, insists upon accompanying them. With a team of soldiers - including longtime friend and royal guardsman, Bram Visigoth - the Cosmith siblings set off to conquer their uncle's newly-acquired territory.

From an icy shipwreck to precarious encounters with the native inhabitants, almost nothing goes as planned in this fast-paced comedy of errors teeming with humor, fantasy and plenty of romance. Prepare to fall in love with Jordinia all over again!

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Publisher: 48fourteen
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"C.K. Brooke has knocked it out of the park for me again with this return to Jordinia. I swear, each time I hear there'll be a new book in this series, my penguin heart flutters a little bit harder...I ADORE everything about this series, and can honestly admit this is my favorite fantasy series to date. Seriously, the world of Jordinia is ripe with adventure, political intrigue, and humongous personalities - and I love rediscovering every nook and cranny with each book!" - Betwixt the Pages

"Descendants has all the charm of its parent novels. A fun, action-packed plot that keeps your attention from start to finish; adorable romances you can't help but root for and an eclectic cast of characters that put a smile on your face.... This novel is just a blast to read and I couldn't put it down. A great addition to this series!" - SERIESous Book Reviews

"C.K. Brooke has gifted her readers with a yet another exciting adventure, featuring brand new characters and a few familiar faces.... This book was full of surprising twists, gut-wrenching moments, and sweet discoveries of the heart. I fell utterly in love with each and every descendant in the same way I did their parents in the earlier books of the series. We traveled to mysterious lands and had new adventures but the spirit of Jordinia lived on in this book." - Up 'Til Dawn Book Blog

"...beautifully-written tale following three unique love stories, each with a heart of their own. From the delightfully progressive young Johanna, to the over-compensatingly masculine Drew, to the quiet but loveable Ludwig, every character was fleshed out, complex, and endearing in their own right." - Mary Bernsen, Author

"... I was swept away into another world by Brooke and found myself yearning to fall back into the pages and the magnificent worlds she created as soon as I had to put the book down. I can't wait to go back and read the earlier books!" - Sheila Hageman, Author

"This book was a fantastic blend of action, intrigue, romance and heartache - it had all the Feels, and enthralled me from start to finish. I loved every second of it." - Roxanne Kade, Author

"... Brooke's bottomless imagination that carries the day. Her ability to build complex societies, invent believable languages and dream up bizarre circumstances impressed me at regular intervals." - Denise DeSio, Author

"... filled with adventure, secrets and new beginnings for everyone." - Mythical Bat Book Reviews

"... the Jordinia trilogy continues to offer the author's deft blend of humor, adventure and romance, it careens down new pathways as the trio learns that, like their parents, they have the character to create their destinies if only they can find the courage to face uncertain futures in this exotic new world." - Michele DeLuca, Journalist and Author