The Duchess Quest

Jordinia: Book 1

Book Cover: The Duchess Quest
Editions:Paperback - First Edition: $ 14.99
ISBN: 978-1937546342
Pages: 414
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All-New, Revised 2017 Second Edition!

Love is destined to find her...

Dainy doesn't know that she is the lost duchess of Jordinia, or that her uncle has organized a contest to seek her, offering her marriage hand as the reward!

Though at odds, three clashing rivals - a noble giant, a forester, and a thief - voyage together by woodland, plains, and sea to recover the lost royal, notwithstanding assassins and spies at their tail. Soon, Dainy is swept into a comically complex romantic triangle as her suitors compete to capture her heart.

Charmingly romantic and bursting with action, startling twists, and vivid characters, fans of Anastasia and The Princess Bride will adore this original yet timeless tale of swashbuckling adventure and unlikely love.

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Publisher: 48fourteen
Reviews:Jacqueline Varlotta on Readers' Favorite Book Reviews & Awards Contest wrote:

...[A] wonderfully captivating story, filled with many surprises that will grab the reader's attention... Brooke has not only managed to create a story with vivid, descriptive scenes but successfully brings each character to life with depth and passion... a definite must-read for everyone who loves adventure and romance in a fairy tale land.

C.J. Anaya, Author of The Healer series on wrote:

I enjoyed this fast paced romantic adventure more than I thought I would. Dainy is a free spirited, strong willed individual who has been deprived of her birthright and her blood relations due to a successful attempt to snuff out the royal family in order for rebels to start their New Republic of Jordinia. It isn't brought to light until fifteen years later that Dainy survived the massacre, and her uncle sends a party of men to find her and bring her back.

In the end there are only four who manage to survive the ordeal and find Dainy, but what compels each one to participate in the quest to begin with is what makes this story truly intriguing. With the promise of gold and Dainy's hand in marriage, these adventurers set out to find the lost duchess and reap the rewards no matter how varied they may be. What motivates a character's thought processes and actions is something that I find to be the most important part of any story.

Jon is a rogue and a reprobate with secrets of his own and an agenda that has very little to do with love or marriage and more to do with money. Mac has visions of matrimony in his head, and Bos is more inclined to recover the Duchess due to a deeply ingrained sense of honor and duty. Sula comes in a little later, but her motivation is purely survival. And Dainy...well...she just wants to be loved on her own terms. To read about these different personalities as they journey together, fight with one another, misunderstand each other and in the end do their utmost to conquer the evil that besets them is a work of genius, a masterful creation that weaves those natural human frailties such as jealousy, pride, and greed with that of noble human strengths like integrity, honor, valor and glorious love. I can't imagine a more adventurous setting for a budding romance such as this. I loved it, and I think anyone who enjoys romance, adventure, crazed assassins and love triangles is going to get one happy kick out of this.

Mira on Books Are Forever wrote:

The Duchess Quest is my first book by this author, but I guarantee it won't be the last. This book was a pleasure to read - one of my favorite books of the year, and that's saying something. ...It's hard to describe how good this novel really is, so I suggest you go give it a try yourself.

Majanka Verstraete on I Heart Reading wrote:

I felt totally enwrapped in the world of Dainy... an engaging read. The characters and world-building were definitely the strong point. Jordinia is an amazing fantasy world, and I hope we’ll get to explore it more in the sequel. The writing was solid too, and the pacing is fast from start to end.
Recommended to all fans of fantasy romance.

Roxanne Kade, Author of the Bloody Crescent Series on Roxy's Reviews wrote:

I have always loved historical fantasy fiction. The thrill of adventure, the magic of stepping into a new world, and meeting amazing characters - C.K. Brooke's The Duchess Quest gave me this and so much more. Filled with action and romance, this story was an absolute delight to read. ...Exciting twists and at times it was quite frightening. Just when I thought the troop of travelers was in the clear, so Brooke threw in more hurdles...

Lauren on SERIESous Book Reviews wrote:

This story was so much fun! The premise is thoroughly entertaining that it captured my attention from the start. It also moved the story at a quick (but not too quick pace!). There are also quite a few twists along the way that keep the story from being overly linear which was fabulous. The various characters we get here are really what drive this story. They each have their unique flare and interesting backstories to keep you intrigued and wanting more. ...Simply put, it’s really done well...

Bea Hale on The Truth About the Book wrote:

C.K. Brooke has done a wonderful job in creating a world where you feel as if you are walking beside the characters as you read.

Lauren C. on Goodreads wrote:

It was a compelling story, full of unique names and words, interesting characters, thrilling action and romance.

Geneva Handleman on Paranormal Romance & Authors That Rock wrote:

C.K. Brooke has created a tale of romance and wonder with this first book of the Jordinia series. You start out wondering which of the three men who seek her will be the one who finally steals her heart. I changed sides so many times in the first half of the story, I think it wouldn’t have mattered which one won!

The Duchess Quest is an old fashioned historical romance, with some fantasy thrown in. Just enough to make it as interesting for historical fans as it is for fantasy fans. And the romance is awesome. Just the right amount of everything mixed together for a great story!

Highly recommended for all hopeless romantics, it’s possibly even acceptable for younger readers, but there is some sex. It’s well written, not too graphic, but still steamy!

J.M. Stock on Goodreads wrote:

The Duchess Quest is comical at times, an adventure story with charming characters. It's a fairy-tale yarn, in a made-up world without magic, witches or vampires. (Quite refreshing!) Highly recommend!

Jessica on Goodreads wrote:

I really loved this book! It had romance, action and adventure! I love the world C.K. Brooke created in The Duchess Quest. Once I started this book it was hard to put it down. I loved the characters especially Dainy! The way this book was written made me feel like I was right there with all of Dainy's suitors. Definitely recommend this book! Great read!

Wendy on Goodreads wrote:

The prologue had me hooked, I needed to know how a country could endure such a heinous act towards their royal family. How would there be any survivors for this lineage to continue? The fictitious world was painted with such clarity, I quickly became comfortable in their universe. Intrigue, romance, war, drama, jealousy,humor and unexpected twists filled the pages bringing to life the characters as I found myself taking sides inwardly, rooting for them to succeed. I highly recommend it for those who enjoy expanding their imagination into new worlds filled with fantasy, but also relatable.

R.C. Bean on SiMPLiREAD wrote:

The tale is a fabulous mix of fantasy, romance and historical fiction. Added to this are the elements of political conspiracies and the adventurous encounters of the three suitors of Dainy's. I loved the beautiful narration that brings to mind the exquisite and charming locations of the old-age world to mind right away. Although the romance sections are on the sensual side, the story is still enjoyable. The best feature of the book was the way the characters were described - brings out the remarkable uniqueness of each one!

I highly recommend this book to lovers of historical romance and fantasy fiction.

Michele DeLuca on Goodreads wrote:

I raced to the end of this wonderful love story, but then I was sorry because I wanted more...

Pavitra on For the Love of Fictional Worlds wrote:

...everything was on point with this book – humor, romance, mystery and a whole lot of action...

Emily K. on Zerina Blossom's Books wrote:

...a lovely romance full of danger and adventure. It was definitely a fast read. The romance had plenty of ups and downs as well as the danger of the assassins trailing them. There were a number of surprises I had not anticipated, though a few of the plot twists I had already guessed due to the foreshadowing. The ending was a little different than I had imagined. ...I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to the second. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy medieval or fantasy romance.

Katherine Adams on SMADA's Book Smack wrote:

...having the chapters be very short and from so many different points of view helped the story to fly by. It was easy to pick the book up and read a chapter and then like 10 more without realizing it. ...There were a lot of secrets and surprising twists the story revealed that I could never have predicted. This is one of those books that have a LOT of moving parts and the reader needs to see everything for the book to come fully together. Overall I found it to be a fun adventure story...

The Silver Dagger Scriptorium on The Silver Dagger Scriptorium wrote:

An absolutely epic adventure! I was completely enraptured from the very beginning and found it nearly impossible to put this boo down. Packed full of adventure with tons of surprises, there was never a dull moment and I enjoyed every minute of it. The characters were very complex and likable with their own unique personalities that made me fall in love with all of them. The writing was snappy and fresh and I just loved the author's style. There were moments where I had to laugh, bite my nails, feel like slapping something and then sigh in pleasure at sweet romance finally. It was a beautifully written story that completely captured my heart and imagination! The ending wasn't quite a cliffhanger, but definitely introduces a sequel coming. I can't wait to see what adventures the characters get into in the next book! I absolutely loved this book and recommend it to anybody and everybody!

Shawndra on Amazon wrote:

Very fantastic book! I was lost at first but onc I kept reading and the story developed more I was captivated! I loved reading this story cuz I felt like I was there. It is a well written story. The authors writing makes u feel like u are there with the characters and part of the story! I loved all of the characters but won't go into too many details and ruin the story for others! Dainy was such a fun character to read and go on the journey with! Definitely looking for the next book!

Denise DeSio wrote:

I am honored to have been the editor of this wonderful fantasy/adventure novel. The author creates a unique world, with characters, locations and language that sweeps the reader away from the humdrum of everyday life. Reminiscent of the Raiders of the Lost Ark of old, Brooke keeps the pace up with adventure after seat-edging adventure, as four heroes (yes, four) set out to find the beautiful, but feisty young duchess.

I am not a big fan of these types of novels but this one held my interest the whole way through, so much so that I have agreed to be the editor for her next two books! (Yes! TWO!) Read this brilliant debut novel now, and keep your eye on this talented, prolific author. I promise you that if you read Book 1, you will be chomping at the bit for more.

Jakob Musick on Amazon wrote:

I am pretty much blown away that this is C.K.'s debut. It shows a stunning level of continuity & structure. I don't usually read fiction, but I greatly admire how she is able to paint an impressionistic, living scene. Just brilliant. ...Characters that will get you emotionally attached, action that will make ur heart race! Just a super effort, & like I said before, I am surprised that this was a debut.

Kathy on Amazon wrote:

I am so glad I read this! The author took me on a journey through her imagination...and it was such a great story! There were twists and turns in the plot that happened seamlessly, the characters were well developed, and the story tempo was perfect. Awesome read. Definitely recommended.

R. A. Sherwood on Amazon wrote:

I just adore this book. It was a joy to read, with exceptionally crafted storylines and juicy characters! Couldn't believe how quickly I found myself drawn in and unable to put this down. If you like fantasy, adventure, romance, or all of the above, don't miss out on this treasure

M.L. on Amazon wrote:

I couldn't put this book down!! I fell in love with the characters. I loved the story line, romance and humor.

Linda Lee on Amazon wrote:

Started this book during snow storm and couldn't put it down. Love the creative names of characters and geography in the story. Can't wait for sequel!!

Beth (a.k.a. Princess Penguin) on Betwixt These Pages wrote:

Overall, this was an entertaining, snark-filled read–and I can’t wait to see what the next book brings our merry trio of characters! C.K. Brooke caught me by surprise with this one, enthralling and ensnaring me with poetic prose and creatively-captured characters. If you enjoy fantasy, “self-discovery” stories, and characters with their snark torches burning at both ends, this book should be right up your alley! I definitely recommend it!

Teresa on Book Crushin wrote:

There were quite a few times my husband asked me why I was laughing at my kindle. Overall this is a charming book that is a fun and quick read. If you are a fan of Anastasia you will be thoroughly entertained by the fun escapades of Dainy and her entourage.

on Queen of All Books:

The writing was pretty eloquent and flowed smoothly. I thought that this was a really beautiful book and I highly recommend it as a quick read.

Kat on Books and Kats wrote:

I adored The Duchess Quest so much! It’s a fantastic young adult fantasy novel that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Full with many twists that took me entirely by surprise, it’s a real page-turner that will leave you craving for more once you reach the end.