Secrets of Artemis

Book Cover: Secrets of Artemis
Editions:Paperback: $ 8.89
ISBN: 978-0692541081
Pages: 204
eBook: $ 2.99

An Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion Award Honoree!

Not even the god of gods could command my heart not to love...

In Ancient Greece, the goddess Artemis was venerated as a maiden huntress, swift with her bow and arrows, and eternally chaste. But could there be more to her story? Perhaps Lady Artemis had envisioned quite a different destiny than the one her father, Zeus, had chosen for her. What if she hadn't merely pined after the giant huntsman, Orion, but had secretly partaken of a forbidden romance with him?

From prolific fantasy writer C.K. Brooke comes an original divine novel, in which Artemis's classic myths are retold as never before, in her own voice, as the young goddess sets the record straight and reveals the true account of her immortal life - and love.

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Publisher: Elphame Press
Reviews:Holly Knece on Amazon wrote:

[W]hat makes this book different than just a regular mythology book is that it's told through Artemis's voice herself and I love that! I think this is a really well crafted tale for the book-ish reader who likes Greek mythology and it's tales. A fun and charming story with a very strong female protagonist that you instantly fall inlove with. The writing is absolutely beautiful and you cannot put it down. C.K. Brooke is definitely a top author of mine that I think deserves way more credit.

LuckyLicia on Amazon wrote:

I could barely tear myself away! An amazing book! Time flew as I was reading. One of the best books I've ever read!

Netanya on Goodreads wrote:

...the story was interesting and the writing was wonderful.

Michele DeLuca on Goodreads wrote:

I wish I would have had something like this to read when I was in the 9th grade and trying to learn about Greek Mythology. I was never able to care much back then about the Greek gods and goddesses because their stories never touched my heart. That all changed with this book, when the 16-year-old Artemis, goddess of the hunt, came to life for me, and the legendary details of her life were expanded upon through Brooke's capable storytelling. ... Like all successful young adult novels, it's an entertaining and satisfying read for adults as well.

April T. on Amazon wrote:

I found this to a fairly enjoyable book. I received a copy for free in a bouncy box giveaway. The story was engaging and I always like stories of the Greek gods and Goddesses.

R. A. Sherwood on Amazon wrote:

Such a fun book and creative take on Classical Greek mythology. If you're looking for a quick, entertaining read about a kick butt goddess, read this!

Shannon Dean on Amazon wrote:

I have always loved greek mythology, and Artemis has always been one of my favorite goddesses. So, from reading other people's takes on certain myths and other deities, a was a little apprehensive about reading an entire book on just Artemis, whom I have always loved. I quickly learned that apprehension was completely unnecessary, Brooke's take on Artemis is one of the best I have ever read and I absolutely loved it. I could hardly put the book down in the few days it took me to read it, less if I had had more time to.

SouthernLass on Amazon wrote:

I love this Book.

Gatotsu Bombarda on Goodreads wrote:

I loved this story because it was hilarious reading about something you already know about and have the protagonist literally dismantle it and tell you that what you know its pure lies. This book highly reminds me of Eva Pohler's Gatekeepers Bride where she retells the Hades and Persephone myth.

Raziel Bombarda on Goodreads wrote:

This is a nice recount of the myth of Lady Artemis, retelling her story from her point of view, the hardships she passed, how she fell in love... that ending was so cute I had to punch my brother to feel manly again....