Heiress Heist

Book Cover: Heiress Heist
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She staged a heist, but her heart was stolen instead!

Set in a fictional city reminiscent of the roaring twenties, Belva Jean Rodger is the sole heiress to her father's self-made fortune. But when Mr. Rodger's largest investment turns sour, the wealthy family is suddenly faced with the unimagined: pending bankruptcy and foreclosure!

As a last-ditch effort to salvage some dough, resourceful Belva Jean takes matters into her own manicured hands. By employing her estate's would-be crook, the dangerous Cal Haven, to stage a burglary, she hopes to capitalize off of a perfectly innocent attempt...at insurance fraud. However, the shrewd Officer Woodmere, detective at the Courwall Police Department, is onto her, poised to unravel the whole operation at Belva's slightest slipup.

In this lighthearted and hilarious romp through swanky hotels, getaway motorboats, train robberies and gangster shoot-outs, the adventures of an almost-former heiress have never been wilder as Belva finds herself the center of a cat-and-mouse between cop and con, and above all, discovers that true love can steal its way into the most unexpected places.

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Publisher: Elphame Press
Reviews:Michele DeLuca on Amazon wrote:

This book is lots of fun, and it immerses the reader in a fantasy world painted with just enough well-researched reality to keep the story grounded in time and place. I think this "heist" will especially appeal to those who enjoy the movies from the days when girls were “dames” or "dolls" and crooks went to the "slammer."