Fool Moon

Book Cover: Fool Moon
Editions:Paperback - Second Edition: $ 6.99
ISBN: 978-0692579589
Size: 5.00 x 8.00 in
Pages: 106
eBook: $ 0.99
Pages: 106

Where blessings and curses collide, even the moon holds secrets of its own...

Seventeen-year-old Lorileen Masters is cursed. To undo the damage, she must travel all the way to the vindictive witch Rhiannyn’s lair and bargain for a reversal, even as demon shades stalk her. That is, until she’s rescued by a highwayman hunter on a golden horse. Archer Cross seems to possess a remarkable…if not mysterious…shielding effect against Lori’s shades, so much that she insists he chaperone her to the witch’s woods.

Neither expected the love of a lifetime; yet, that is exactly what Lori and Archer find in each other. But if Lori succeeds in reversing her curse, then she'll retain no memory since its casting - including every moment with Archer. Will she abandon her quest to vanquish the darkness that haunts her, or can the heart's true love prevail even apart from the mind's memory? Author C.K. Brooke delivers an exciting mini-tale of valor and romance, fraught with humor and magic.

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Publisher: Elphame Press
Reviews:Michele DeLuca on Amazon wrote:

[M]elodic, mythical, and fun to read. The story is captivating, rich with author C.K. Brooke's story-telling skills, and yet with new characters... I read it for a few nights in a row before I fell asleep and it was a perfect little love story to set the tone for my dreams. I didn't want it to end. [A] sweet fairy tale that both young adult and young at heart readers will enjoy.

Holly Knece on Holly Hearts Art wrote:

What I think I loved most about this book was how vivid the world was that C.K. Brooke created. With the actual descriptions of the world, and the likable characters. The author has an amazing way of writing that makes you feel like you are apart of the story. The plot is very simple. A young girl with a curse travels to faraway lands with a male companion to confront the witch so she can negotiate with her to get her normal life back. The characters had a lot of personality and really wished the book was longer so we could learn more about them. Overall it was an interesting page turner! A great simple story, sometimes a little creepy.

Conny on Goodreads wrote:

Loved it !!!

Lauren C. on Amazon wrote:

If you are a teenager and are into stories that involve a curse and a heroine trying to break that curse while encountering love during the process, then this is the novella for you! This is a quick read if you have an hour of your time to spare (I read my copy at a car dealer). If you liked CK Brooke's previous works, then it is likely that you'll like this novella due to her style of storytelling. If her books were thought of as a full course meal, I think this book would be considered as a palette cleanser to get you ready for her upcoming novel. Compared to other YA novels/novellas, this one is quite tame in terms of the romance. To my knowledge, this novella is meant for a younger demographic (teenagers), so it makes sense that the romance is more "whimsical," "fantasy-like," "dreamy," or whatever word you would like to use. Either way, I enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy it, too.

Jakob on Amazon wrote:

The characters are charming, the story is sweet, and there is a good deal of landscape and progression in the story to keep you entertained . I would absolutely recommend this book, especially if you just have a day to kill.....I read it in one day!

Gloria on Amazon wrote:

I loved this novella…..Another wonderful fantasy story to get your mind off the world for a bit. C K Brooke has a unique way of telling her stories and creating the characters to go with this world she has created. Her fantastic descriptions seem real and this story keeps you going on a journey as it is full of adventure as well. I would highly recommend this delightful book as it is a pretty quick read and you will enjoy this creative work for the young at heart!