Capturing the Captain

American Pirate Romances: Book 1

Book Cover: Capturing the Captain
Part of the American Pirate Romances series:

A 2017 RONE Award Nominee
Mid-Michigan RWA Best Banter Contest Finalist

In 1720, it’s a pirate’s life for Abigail Clear, daughter of a notorious colonial pirate captain…

But when a rival crew invades Abigail’s ship, she is taken prisoner. Now aboard the enemy vessel, she must contend with its formidable captain. But who is the real captive?

Locked away in the belly of The Indomitable is no place for a woman…

Captain James Morrow is more than displeased to discover his sole captive to be none other than an untamable young lass who will earn him no bounty. Yet if he can soften the little rogue, she just might switch her loyalties to him, and reveal the whereabouts of the infamous thief who sired her—and his stolen treasure. But two can play that game, as Abi is equally inclined to charm the dogged sailor off her father’s tail.

Might she and Captain Morrow run the risk of falling for their own charades?

They dance about their disguises as genuine developing emotions clash against deeper motives, and suspicion runs high. When the captain finally steals a first kiss, Abi decides it’s high time to make her escape—fleeing not only his vessel, but her fondness for the man who intends to see her father hang.

The high seas heat up as Captain Morrow’s quest to recapture Abi is halted by her pirate father, Captain Clear. Will James succeed in pursuit of his captive love, or will his desires conspire to make him a captive himself?

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Publisher: Limitless Publishing

“I don’t believe it.” His words were low and guttural. “After all of my patience with you…”

Abi snorted. “Patience?”

He took another step. “The kindness I’ve shown you…”


“This is how you treat me in return?”

Had Abi been a gentler woman, she might have lowered her eyes. However, she had the audacity not to.

“Your kiss, your sketch and company were but charades as you bade your time to deceive me,” he snarled. “And there I was, risking my hide and that of my friends to rescue you!”

“I do not need rescuing!” Abi whirled around and marched across the sand.

Reviews:Danielle Hill on InD'tale Magazine wrote:

"Readers will be swept away by the fiery passion between the leads and descriptions of the seafaring life. James has a masculine, sexy, intelligent allure, both for Abi and the reader. Abi possesses a youthful, charming enthusiasm and willingness to go after what she wants, even if it's her father's rival. It was fun to watch Abi and James fall in love. ...[T]his is a very enjoyable novel for historical romance readers who are looking for pirate-themed romance."

Socially Awkward Book Nerd on Goodreads wrote:

I have never read a pirate romance before, I like it. Quick, fun read
Abi is happy being a Pirate and her dad is the Captain. But once she is kidnapped and the Captian of the Enemy Ship James, want Abi's secrets and her father... They work closely together an a connection grows, falling for one another.. Can James forgo his mission and fall in love with the girl? Action packed Adventure

Majanka on iHeart Reading wrote:

I really loved Abi. She’s fiesty, intelligent, and fun character. I loved how witty she was and how she found clever ways to get out of things. I also really liked James, and the chemistry between the two of them was undeniable. It’s one of the first pirates romances I’ve ever read, but I have to say, I’m really enjoying this trope, and I’m looking forward to reading more pirate books in the future.

Gaby Cabezut on Goodreads wrote:

I read this book in one day. It's that good. The author's writing style and the way she sets you in the time is great. You fall in love with the characters and you grow with them. If you like stories like Pirates of the Caribbean like I do, then, this story is for you. Amazing.

Reviewer on Amazon wrote:

Such a fun ride!!!! This is one of those books where you think you're on page 3 but then you look and it's chapter 12 and hours have flown by. Interesting characters, thrilling action/adventure, and a juicy love story all in one book. Absolute page-turner!

Michele DeLuca on Amazon wrote:

...a charming romance between a pirate's daughter and a pirate hunter, set apart from the genre by author C.K. Brooke, whose thorough research and melodic ease with the language of the times immerse the reader in a story of sea-faring adventures and treasure hunting. The characters come alive on the pages in this tale about Abigail Clear, the daughter of a pirate, who falls in love with her father's arch enemy. The two could have a future but the price is her father's life. ...This artisan author of women's adventure stories always has a surprise up her sleeve.