My Review: Forever More by Michele DeLuca

FMForever More: A Love Story From the Edge of Eternity (2016) is a romantic metaphysical novel by award-winning journalist Michele DeLuca. The story begins with our protagonist, a teacher named Rebecca. Rebecca is a middle-aged cancer survivor, and has just learned of her husband’s unfaithfulness. To find answers and a new direction in life, she returns to her childhood home of Lily Dale.

Lily Dale is an actual psychic and medium community in Western New York, and is the picturesque setting for this remarkable narrative. There, Rebecca tries to connect with the departed spirits of her mother and grandmother, and attempts to hone her own spiritual gifts through a local class. That’s where she meets Albert – a kindly professor mourning the loss of his wife – and, through Albert, a charming but deceased rogue called Sebastian, whom Albert channels. From the other side, Sebastian has recognized the error of his ways during his lifetime, and needs Rebecca to help right some wrongs, and even save a life, in the family he left behind. Flourishing from all of this is a unique love triangle between Rebecca, the spirit of Sebastian, and the unassuming man who channels him, Albert, as the three of them work together to bring healing and wisdom to their loved ones and each other.

This book is reminiscent of Richard Matheson’s What Dreams May Come, yet blended with a baby boomer romance with a Stephenie Meyer’s The Host-like dynamic. Readers of Sue Monk Kidd’s feminine, spiritual narratives and new age seekers alike will devour this heartfelt and thought-provoking debut.