Book Tour Announcement

Great news! The Duchess Quest is going on a virtual book tour! From 11/6 – 12/6, I will engage in interviews, giveaways and more with multiple book sites & bloggers to spread the word. Stay tuned for more details. Are you a book blogger who’d like to review my book, promote it, or elsewise participate? Head on over to: and contact Enchanted Book Promotions. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

15 Things to Know About The Duchess Quest

*This blog entry is a re-post from the former blog on my website,, from June 28, 2014, featuring the cover art revealed on August 8, 2014. 1. What’s the genre?  Adventure/romance (with a hint of fantasy!) 2. Audience/age range?  Adult, or high school & up. 3. What’s it about?  The story centers around a lost Duchess of a fictional nation. She was secretly rescued from her execution during her country’s Revolution. Now, three distinctly different men – who cannot stand one another! – must journey together to find her, and eventually compete to wed her. 4. What’s the setting?  It takes place on a fictional continent, throughout which the main characters must travel. The era is fictional, but would most resemble something historical, like the Renaissance or Enlightenment eras. There is some crude technology, but no electricity, cars, or guns, for example. 5. What inspired you?  I’ve been fascinated with Anastasia […]