Secrets of Artemis has received the Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion Award!

Huge thanks to indieBRAG! Today I’ve just found out that my self-published YA novel, Secrets of Artemis, received the coveted Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion Award! Super proud & excited book-mama here! Their Review:  “I have been reading many of these kinds of books (Teen/YA medieval/ancient fantasy) recently and this one is the most well-written, error free, and interesting of the last dozen or so. It is like a breath of fresh air to read a well edited, well constructed, mythological work of such high quality. Thank you. I absolutely loved this book! The author has a fluid and almost melodic writing style that makes a tale about Greek mythological characters appealing and believable. I was sorry when the story ended. This is an absolutely superb interpretation of the love story between the Greek mythological goddess, Artemis, and god, Orion. Through the author’s skillful touch she has given an ancient tale a […]

My June 2017 Interview with Voice of the Revolution Radio is Up!

LISTEN NOW! >> << My interview on Voice of the Revolution Radio is up! Listen for book talk and laughter as we discuss revolutions, anthropology, romance, and literature, alongside the re-release of my first novel, The Duchess Quest (Jordinia #1), and the releases of The Duchess’s Descendants (Jordinia #3) & The Last Empress (Jordinia #0.5)!

10 Reasons to Read The Duchess’s Descendants

The Duchess’s Descendants is officially here on Friday, June 23! Need an excuse to pick up this romantic fantasy full of humor and adventure? We’ve got you covered. Here are 10 reasons to read the latest installment in the Jordinia series:   1. If you loved The Duchess Quest and The Duchess Inheritance, there’s now even more to love! 2. Even if you’ve never read the first two books, this book works as a standalone, too. 3. Because shipwrecks, woman scientists, charming rogues, stuttering violinists, hot soldiers, and native tribes, that’s why! 4. Like brotherly bromance? There’s lots of it here. 5. Love traditional romance? There’s lots of that, too. 6. Twists around every corner – we’ll bet you can’t predict what happens next! 7. You’ll meet a whole new generation of characters… 8. And see the return of some beloved ones, too. 9. You’ll embark with the characters upon their epic misadventure, via a […]

The Duchess Quest: 2nd Edition is Coming!!

Every now and then, you need a little makeover. I’m thrilled to announce that my very first novel, The Duchess Quest (48fourteen, 2014) has been revised, re-edited, and in some places, rewritten, and will be hitting the shelves in a SECOND EDITION! It’s happening this year, in 2017, alongside the release of The Duchess’s Descendants! Be sure to join my newsletter for a FREE eBook and to be the first to know when the shiny, all-new edition #2 – along with the debut of book 3 – is here! I cannot wait!

On Writing

Some days, it’s easier to be anything but a writer. It’s easier to applaud others’ accomplishments than to put our own stuff out there. It’s safer to read someone else’s work than to painstakingly compose our own, then release it and let it be rejected, criticized, or worst of all, totally ignored. It’s easier just to review someone else’s story than risk someone reviewing our own, and seeing what we didn’t see, and calling us out. It’s more comforting to just hide under a book that’s already successful, to jump on the bandwagon and join thousands of readers, so at least we’ll have something in common to discuss. Because for many writers, the path is lonely and isolated. Few are reading; even fewer reach out to us when they do. Some days, it’s easy to wish we weren’t writers. To wish we had a more marketable talent. To wish we […]

Introducing Elphame Realms E-Zine!

I have a very exciting announcement… my publishing imprint, Elphame Press, is launching an e-zine! That’s right – fantasy writers, I want to publish you! If you’ve got a short story of any fantasy or speculative fiction sub-genre (this includes paranormal, fairy tale, dystopia, magical realism, historical, etc.), I want to read it! For all the details and submission guidelines, please see my Elphame Realms E-Zine page. Submissions are now open to all writers, published or unpublished. Your story must be clean and free of profanity so as to be suitable for a YA audience (although it doesn’t have to be specifically YA), and length-wise under 15K words, but no less than 9K words (so, about 10,000 words). I’m looking for all fantasy except sci-fi. I’m also interested in reading any fantasy-themed poetry or your 1-2 page article on any aspect of writing fantasy. Please proceed to for all the info! I […]